Winding Down to Wind Up Again Halloween 2010

Dear Rowley, The war on terror’s going well, isn’t it? I met the most golden delicious college lecturer a few nights ago and we debated the burning issues of the day long into the night. As he says, historically the … Continue reading

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The Birthday Party October 2010

Dear Rowley, What a lovely 48-hours. The birthday massage was a dream. I met the most wonderful Italian chap (won’t tell you where because I want to keep him to myself) wh0 was better at Swedish massage than the Canadians. … Continue reading

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Jour de Naissance October 27th 2010

Dear Rowley, Well, it’s my birthday today so no pictures. Don’t birthdays make you think about those who we are lucky to have and those we have lost? No mawklish sentiment today: just one anecdote that Tony Lutwyche told me … Continue reading

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Put a Ring on It October 2010

Dear Rowley, I have a new guilty pleasure picked-up on the home flight from Toronto. I had heard tell from the camp record shop on Monmouth Street that Liza Minnelli stars in the new Sex & The City film at … Continue reading

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A Night at the Museum October 2010

Dear Rowley, Whenever you next feel blue, I urge you to YouTube the legendary Hollywood movie star female impersonator Charles Pierce and click onto his Chandler Pavilion show Bette Davis act. It left me weeping with laughter. It begins with … Continue reading

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