Full Gallop November 2010

Dear Rowley,

To the Savoy last night to see Anthony who has just flown in to interview for you know who. I wish him all the luck in the world today. It was just like old times, blowing into Anthony’s suite at the Savoy at 10pm before making a night of it in the Beaufort Bar. It was quite quiet last night and really rather lovely as a result. It was rather nice to talk the hind legs off a donkey, laugh and steal surreptitious glances at Dita von Teese who was in the Beaufort last night. She looks like a china doll; terribly pretty as was her fella.

In a matter of hours I will be trucking on back to the Savoy to make preparations for the Savile Row book launch tonight. I do like Jane Garvey, don’t you? She’s fabulous on Women’s Hour as was Claire Balding when she guested as presenter earlier in the year. To be honest, I don’t think there will be too much to do at the Savoy except for thanking Belinda Bowles for the gorgeous florals and casting an eye over Eric’s Henry Poole ivory tuxedo. I must pop into the camp record shop on Monmouth Street to buy Liza at the Palace for Brett as a thank you for sorting all the diary pages for tonight. Actually, it’s not a gift. It’s entrapment.

I think the best plan for today is to look at the River Room with Mrs T, introduce her to the parentals when they arrive, then pop out for a jolly lunch then feet-up all afternoon and back to the Savoy at 6pm. Lord only knows how the evening will pan out. This must be what it feels like for a 14-year old contemplating a Bah Mitz. Thrilled with my Savoy green silk Tom Baker tuxedo. I think it is going to stop traffic.

What do you think about a dinner this evening after the ball is over? I wonder where we can find a table for 200. Actually, these things usually sort themselves out. I am sure many people will have to dash home to their children and pets so it will only be the hard core left to kick off and relax after the rigors of the Savoy. I must pop into Simpson’s and book a lunch table for six tomorrow for the better half, parents, Jane and Gus. It will be nice to wind down after this evening.

Once the party is over, Mrs T and I have to get cracking on the words and pictures for Thoroughbreds and start to get the copy together for the Vuitton Guide to London 2012. It’s going to be a very intense month I think; especially negotiating the Christmas parties without having to check into rehab. Tomorrow it is Carol Woolton’s Cartier book launch for Fashion for Jewels. Very much looking forward to that evening then a boozy dinner with Susan and John somewhere fun with lashings of Valpoliparrot.

Gary England has just sent masses of contemporary fashion photographs from recent Royal Ascots past. I have a feeling the new book will be a winner. The French publishers were definitely interested in the project so that bodes well. I do so wish you’d have been at Old England for the Paris Savile Row book launch. It was a very class event and one I will never forget. Neither will I forget The Lido midnight cabaret. I don’t think the barman will forget it either considering I had a very good go at punishing their champagne stock. It was simply divine.

What are we all doing for Christmas Rowley? I am extremely tempted to bunker down with my better half, an Elvis Sings Christmas CD and a stack of DVDs including The Grinch, A Muppet Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life. I went to see The Grinch with Judy Bennet. I think we were some of the very few adults in the Odeon Leicester Square. My favourite scene was when Grinch was dressed-up as Santa and hiding behind a Christmas tree in the little girl’s house on Christmas Eve. The moppet says, ‘what’s Christmas all about Santa?’ Grinch snaps back ‘REVENGE!’ Judy and I totally got that one. I do miss her so.

My dearest Patricia has ordered me three cases of wine for Christmas from Italy. Add that up with the case of Tanqueray 10 being delivered to Bloomsbury Towers next week and we’ve got the makings of quite a party. Now what are you having Rowley? Reminds me of that marvellous Woody Allen film Bullets Over Broadway in which Diane Weiss plays a monstrously egotistical Broadway leading lady. ‘Don’t Speak!’ Best line in that movie was when she tells her agent ‘I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve’. ‘Chinese New Year’, he retorts. ‘Well, that’s two whole days ago’.

Must dash now Rowley. Do you know what’s keeping me giggling this week? I had a day in bed over the weekend and read the Dowager Duchess’s autobiography Wait for Me: Memoirs of the Youngest Mitford Sister in one greedy go. I think the most poignant passages in the book were the Dowager Duchess’s reminiscences about her father Lord Redesdale. of course Mrs Rodd had lampooned ‘Farve’ in her novels but what the Duchess reveals is a charming, eccentric man who at his core was jolly decent. Until next time…