I’ve Been To A Marvelous Party November 22nd 2010

Dear Rowley,

Savile Row at the Savoy was a triumphant night. I wish you could have joined us. Let me introduce you to some of the fabulous guests. Guest of honor was no competition Miss Suzi Perry wearing a green silk dress that matched my Tom Baker. We didn’t even compare notes beforehand. No wonder they call us Mr & Mrs at Royal Ascot. So sorry Claire Balding and Willie Carson were not in town to attend. But this always was a friends and family party. Suzi was on sparkling form. She’s working darned hard at the moment and looks about 29. Gawd knows how she does it.

Suzi, Scott Wimsett and I went on an epic night a couple of months ago from which came the kernel of an idea for a telly programme, fashion led, to be fronted by such an unholy trio. We are meeting on the 10th of December to nail the concept before going to the production companies who have expressed an interest in us. As Anda Rowland would say, with Suzi in the middle of Scott and I there is truly something for everyone…just as there was at Poppy’s wedding when Anda, Guy and I rocked the pool party in Pisa.

The gorgeous creature standing next to Suzi in the picture is my sister-in-law Mrs Julia Tucker. Mrs Tucker is a sensational woman and an exceptional mother to my darling niece Ella. Remind me to dig out a picture of a 3-year old Ella at one of our Clerkenwell garden parties working a white fox fur like Marlene Dietrich. That child is going to be truly something when she grows-up. My favourite Ella moment was after a family lunch when the older girls had gone off to Facebook and Ella thundered down the stairs holding Loopy’s flute and a music stand. Stabbing her father in the chest with the instrument, she said with perfect comic timing ‘come on Daddy. You sing it and I’ll flute it’. Another cruder comment – totally innocently said – was on Easter Sunday when she had a Lindt chocolate rabbit and said something along the lines of ‘spank the bunny’. Oooh, you are awful. But I like you.

This was not a press party for the Savile Row book launch even though my mates from the press were kind enough to show-up. Rupert Thomas, editor of The World of Interiors, came with Mr B. Carol Woolton, Vogue’s jewellery editor and the most elegant lady in London, walked into the room like Princess Grace. Sorry not to see Suzy Menkes but we caught-up the next evening at the Groucho Club. But I was most pleased to see Robin Dutt. Robin was celebrating and promoting Savile Row bespoke tailoring when I was still in kindergarten. He was one of the first true greats that I met when I first came down to London aged 17. Robin has more style in his little finger than the entire 3rd floor of Vogue House.

My last photograph in this letter is of the legendary Gail: she of the Capri dry cleaners on Southampton Row. Gail sashayed into the River Room like Mae West and worked the room. She will KILL ME for uploading this shot but I think it is my favourite picture from the entire party. It says it all about the good will and good fun gathered at the Savoy that night. Just adore that woman not least because she turned my green silk DJ around in less than 24-hours and it is a bugger to press without flattening the silk. She could do it even better in broken heels than most tailoring experts.

Must remember to ask Gail how to clean the black sequin DJ. Scott W has just been round this evening to borrow it for an event tonight. Damn the man, he looks better in it than I do. I think we’ll have to come to a ‘party line’ agreement about that garment. I took a snap of Scotty wearing said garment in Bloomsbury Towers and will post it to you after I’ve got the party letters finished. Do you want to know who made the grandest entrance? No pictures sadly as yet but it was none other than Miss Janet Taylor formerly of James Lock the hatters on St James’s Street.

At Lock, Janet favoured a shy librarian look with hair in a plait and low courts. I always knew there was a demonic sense of naughty humor behind the glasses. Well, she tore into the River Room like a gypsy on fire with this crazy hair and sky high heels. I thought bugger me, I didn’t know we’d invited Bellatrix LeStrange. She was fabulous company and I think le tout Savile Row was a bit ‘Whooooah Nellie’. The saddest absence apart from your lovely self was my mentor and surrogate grandmother Bobby Hillson and her husband Keith. Oh, and not forgetting my other mentor Marcelle D’Argy Smith who really got me into this racket. Marcelle is simply perf. Loved seeing Audie Charles working a black velvet jacket and lace collar and cuffs like the dreamy 60s chick she is. More than marvellous to see Jane Wakeford and Gus on fine form.

There’s more, darling, there’s lots more. Until then…