Big Pony December 2010

Dear Rowley,

You know I adore Ralph Lauren. The Christmas windows on Bond Street alone confirm that the guy can ‘do’ British better than we can. There is a level of slick and polish that one cannot help but admire. However, did nobody in the British marketing department put their hand-up in the brainstorming session when RL decided to name a new perfume Big Pony?

I went to another of Carol Woolton’s book launches a couple of days ago at Pickett in the Burlington Arcade. Lady Woolton has just returned from New York where she launched and launched and launched again; even giving a speech at the National Library. It was a super event and it is always a pleasure to see the Burlington Arcade looking so glamorous as did Mr Pickett who is I think rather inspiring. If you have any last minute gifts to buy, hie thee hither to Pickett.

Don’t you love my Christmas card from Mr Bowering and Susan? Mr B is a terribly talented polymath. This week saw Mrs T and I returning to the Savoy. It felt like Hello Dolly. Mrs T and I were there to shoot some pictures for the London Magazine in the Grill. But as it turned out, our new Savoy Museum showcase arrived the same morning so we had the chance to dress it as well as style the Savile Row shoot at the Grill.

The first person I saw was Belinda Bowles the florist who was dressing a giant Christmas tree in the lobby with bespoke baubles made by Wedgewood. Always a pleasure to see Belinda. I popped into the press office to see Brett Рwho came to work dressed as a teenager Рand the lovely Elizabeth, caught-up with Olga, Sharon, Kiaran and of course Bromance. Having lunch with Bromance in the New Year at the Grill. Well done to Russell Sage on the interiors. I am rather pleased with the new showcase but failed to take a snap for you. I will do it in the New Year. But I did pick up a few snaps of the Savoy Museum and Signature Suites for my website.

How went the shoot? Well, the photographer Magnus was a dish so that always helps as is Oliver from Anderson & Sheppard who arrived looking drop dead glamorous in a navy pinstripe suit. The art director Shirley was actually on Cosmopolitan all those years ago when Marcelle was the editor and I was a work experience. Very happy days. How strange that we’re working together again over 20-years later.

From the Savoy, Mrs T and I dashed to John Lewis to buy some more of those Art Deco looking glass picture frames for the showcase and then I hot footed-it to Timothy Everest’s townhouse in Elder Street to snap some more fashion. There is a really good feeling at Tim’s shop presently and I think he is doing the most interesting bespoke work on or off the Row right now. Talent isn’t even in it. I also like his good looking group of young people working in the house.

It looks like Tim and I may do another couple of book launches in the New Year in Tokyo and Taiwan. Tim’s business in Asia is massive. What do you think about launching the book at Isetan in Japan? Wouldn’t it be fab to stay at the Okura hotel onc more time? Speaking of the Okura, I was introduced to that magnificent 1950s hotel by Henry Poole & Co chairman Angus Cundey with whom I had Christmas dinner last night.

Angus’s wife Mandy is singularly one of my favourite people in the world. But then again, Henry Poole’s gang are some of the finest on the Row. It was lovely to spend some time with Angus, Mandy and Richard Craig. A good time was had by all: rather too good a time on my part having broken my champagne/prosecco diet to imbibe in some rather good red wine. It was super fun but I am paying the price this morning.

Have you got any snow? We are in a blizzard in London and it may be difficult to get to better half’s mother’s house next week. I am tempted to stay at home but will brave the weather to get over to better half’s tonight in time for Strictly Come Dancing. Who do you want to win? My money is on Kara and Artem. Speaking of Strictly, I bumped in to Len Goodman at the Savoy who complimented my Ede & Ravenscroft check tweed three-piece. Now there’s a man with style down to his fingertips.

I did another signing this week at Waterstones Piccadilly who have about 50 copies of my Savile Row book on display in the fashion department on the 2nd floor. ¬†Alright my darling, it is time for me to do an Oates and head off into the snow. I could be some time…