Ennui March 2011

Dear Rowley,

A quickie as Terry Rattigan said to the chorus boy. In haste, just to let you know Fashion at Royal Ascot: Three Centuries of Thoroughbred Style is finished. Mrs T and I went in to see Thames & Hudson this afternoon to look at the page proofs and made a couple of lucky changes: a Coronation portrait of the Queen replaced by a Royal Windsor Horse Show picture of HM in 1952 patting a shire horse and the axing of a spread of Union Flag-waving chavs. The feeling of relief is somehow tempered by a feeling of ennui. There will always be bits and bobs to finish such as the Duke of Devonshire’s foreword and Amanda Wakeley’s introduction but it is all over bar the shouting.

The Duke is hosting a launch party at Heywood Hill – the Curzon Street bookshop where the Hon Nancy Mitford once worked – and I have a guest list to compile by the end of the week. I think, like the Savile Row book launch, it should be friends and family from racing and fashion. We may also have a party at No 14 Savile Row hosted by Prince Michael of Kent. Gosh, I’d better practise my curtsey.

I would like the rest of the month to be gentle: catching-up on my reading, visiting all the museum shows I’ve yet to see, taking some day trips with Keith and Mrs T to visit the Marilyn Monroe exhibition in Bath and the Kew Gardens tropicals display in the hot houses and basically spending an hour every morning in the pool/spa round the corner. There’s a massage booked for Friday so we’ll see if they can Swedish like Dino.

Today I had a super Savile Row day working in the Henry Poole archives with Mrs T, fitting at Huntsman for my Royal Wedding suit and passing the time with Poppy and Guy in the basement placing bets on Cheltenham, photographing new product for Budd the shirt makers (whom Huntsman has recently acquired) ¬†and playing with Guy’s Korean finger relaxing ring. It is a spiral of metal that you roll up and down your fingers to relax your muscles. Reminded me of something but I just can’t put my finger on it…