Golden Globes. January 2014.

Dear Rowley,

The heaven of the awards season! First up for our delectation was this weekend’s Golden Globes. I did notice various ‘ladies’ including Gaga took the invitation at face value and showed rather a little too much of their globes for a family audience. Miss Midler got it so right when she sang that time honoured Hollywood anthem ‘Pretty legs and great big knockers…that’s what sells the tickets at the door’. T’Internet has made everybody a fashion critic and I do think it sometimes a trifle unfair when Hollywood stars go to huge effort to look sensational then get a barrel-load of flack online.

So in the spirit of generosity I’ve sent you pictures of who I consider the best dressed at the Golden Globes this year. Winning hands down for me was Michelle Dockery aka Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary. I presume that demure strapless dress was Raf Simons for Dior Couture. That pale champagne oyster colour is absolutely perf with Lady M’s skin tone and dark hair. I believe Lady Mary was a guest of LoveGold for whom I went to Cannes last year and had the night of my life at the amfAR dinner and auction at the Eden Roc hotel.

I don’t think Cate Blanchett has a rival in the glamour stakes except for the eternally divine Nicole Kidman, do you? Miss Blanchett’s Armani PrivĂ© lace floor-length gown was poetry in motion and magnificent in repose. Very interesting isn’t it to see how pared down the jewels are on the red carpet right now. I rather like this minimal scattering of diamonds look and thought Miss Blanchett got it spot on by not overcomplicating the dress and only wearing simple Chopard diamond earrings.

It is very gratifying to see the tailors getting well-deserved attention at the Golden Globes for 2014. This is all pretty much thanks to the endeavours of Nick ‘Spencer’ Hart who is I think the coolest man on Savile Row and of whom I’m very fond. Nick gets it. I’ve repeated this line from him a million times but Nick was so right when he said ‘without style, a bespoke suit cut on Savile Row can still be a horrible garment’. I don’t think there’s an A-list male star of film or music who doesn’t own a Spencer Hart suit. I didn’t actually know that the Duke of Cambridge was also a fan.

In true Spencer Hart style, Nick set up shop at the Chateau Marmont and all the bad boys of Hollywood came to him for fittings. I thought Benedict Cumberbach looked particularly sharp in a Spencer Hart dinner jacket at the Golden Globes. Are you a Sherlock fanatic Rowley? I can understand why the programme invites near-hysteria amongst fans but it’s not a programme I love. As you know I’m a Silk and Whitechapel man and, yes, the appearance of Rupert Penry-Jones in both shows does have a little something to do with my loyalty.

Anyway, I digress. Nick Hart at the Golden Globes was very good news. I also like what he’s doing for Robbie Williams around the promotions for Swings Both Ways though thought Robbie’s London Palladium concert didn’t border so much as dive head first into the surreal. The duet with Rufus Wainwright on the eponymous title track was one of the most excruciating moments in the history of television. Still, I am a fan of Robbie Williams and like the cheeky Northern humour and willingness to send himself up.

So what’s new on the Rialto? London has been looking particularly luscious in the past two days. The sunlight when we get it is quite breathtakingly romantic. I don’t mind a crisp, cold Winter’s day as long as it doesn’t bucket it down with rain as it has recently. I’m still finding it rather a struggle to get up to speed with work and would actually rather like to go on hols now. But one does need to keep the wolf from the door, no? Oh, speaking of work I can finally tell you what I’ve been up to with Canali.

The Canali project is called 200 Steps and I interview good-looking, talented men about the graft and the craft behind what they do. The first subject who went live today was Dutch typographical artist Job Wouters. The films are produced by Spring Studios in North London and I have to say they are pin sharp. I believe we’re going to interview/film one man per month. 200 Steps is such a great project and I’m thrilled that Elisabetta Canali invited me to be a part of it.

In the absence of willpower to get me beyond day five of the January Dryathlon, I went briefly back on the Gin & Slim diet. It’s not to be encouraged. Since I discovered Gerry’s of Old Compton Street sell Menorcan Xoriger gin, it’s all been down hill. The stuff is fiendishly drinkable. I shall have to ration myself to one double at 6pm then put the bottle back in the safe at Bloomsbury Towers.

Did I tell you I got the new iPhone5. Didn’t know what love was until now. And as for Twitter. I thought it was rather puerile or as my friend Scott said ‘all cock and kittens’. Couldn’t be more wrong. There are some very amusing people on Twitter and a thriving community of history buffs. As I Tweeted over the weekend, I’ve taken to Twitter like a Victorian Housewife taking to Laudanum. It is such fun. Until next time…