A Load of Old Sequins. October 2015.

Dear Rowley,

Well, like Mrs Overall, James Sherwood’s Discriminating Guide appears to have captured the hearts of the nation. The guys and gals at Spencer Hart absolutely rocked it out last night for the launch party. Having been to Ciao Bella with La Farmer at lunchtime, I was feeling no pain when the first guest arrived. Blow me if it wasn’t Ben Pentreath an hour early if you please. So lovely to have a proper Chatty Cathy with Mr  P: a man whose eyes positively twinkle like good crystal.

I think it is safe to say that everyone who should have been in the room last night made it. Of course there were a few missing – this being London – but boy did we make up for the absent friends. It just meant lashings more Pol Roger and Berry Bros’ King’s Ginger for our guests. Prettiest woman in the room was my Mum closely followed by Suzie ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Kennedy. Suzie makes a party just by being there. The fact that she’s also very funny, very shrewd and quite profound when she wants to be is the cherry on top.

Myself excepted, everyone behaved with great jollity and dignity. I was feeling totally flah-zee-dah all evening but have to say I remember  laughing my ass off with Geraldine ‘Yellow Poppy’ Woods who just has to give me a wink and I start to giggle. Spencer Hart head cutter Chandni had completed a magnificent forest green tweed three-piece for me but I opted instead to wear a load of old sequins. I share this Sir Tom Baker black sequin DJ with Scott ‘Bespoke’ Wimsett who is always a face I love to have near me – if indeed on me – at big celebrations.

Do you know who always slinks into a party with a smile like the Cheshire Cat? Maggie Owen, that’s who. She is the Batgirl to Ben and Olliie’s Bruce and Dick. Honoured to have the Rev Roddy of St George’s, Mayfair, in attendance. I think he made friends with Maggie and Ben and has invited them to Holy Cocktails. No Joan Rolls – oh no! – but Helen ‘Royal Opera House’ Ball came and mighty fine it was to see her too.

Did I tell you about the extraordinary ‘happening’ at The Delaunay the other night? La Farmer, Mum, Dad and I were having pre-theatre  drinks when who walks in but Judith Watt, Maurice Mullen and a glamorous gang. They were still there when we sat down to dine at 10.30pm. I could see Mr Bowering from the tail of my eye sparkling and making everyone around him hoot including Caroline Neville: the Queen Mother of London beauty public relations. Speaking of old queens, the heaven of  Dee Carpenter and her dishy son James.

I know Mum and Dad were delighted to see my old, old, old friend Lee ‘the unsinkable Molly’ Brown. God bless you and all who sail with you. No Chris though. I think he was climbing mountains, on a parole board or some such. Do you know who always makes me laugh like a drain? Emma Willis, the first lady of Jermyn Street, as does Lady Woolton: she of the sensational new Vogue jewellery book. I was thrilled to have the Henry Poole, Turnbull & Asser and Davies & Son Massives in the house as well as the three musketeers from Grade Design on magnificent form.

Gosh, I do hope I didn’t make a speech or – worse – sing my go-to karaoke song: Young, Gifted and Black. La Farmer and I once blacked-up on the set of that awful Mama Ramotswe series in Botswana … straight from Cuntakinte’s hut. Am I the only person who pre-books a bed in casualty for the morning after a party? I feel the need for complete bed rest. Alone. For once. Until next time…