Paris is Burning. November 2015.

Dear Rowley,

Devastating news from Paris of a massacre of the innocents at the hands of crack teams of ISIS assassins and suicide bombers. My heart is heavy today and, though it is excruciating to look at footage of the corpses of the murder victims or read reports, it must be faced. Without stating the obvious, this is the game-changer for the world. I suspect London is next.

Do we collectively have ourselves to blame for unleashing this hell I wonder? I think not. The mass murder of over 100 people all over Paris is evil of the blackest hue. Now, I am concerned about knee-jerk reactions. There has to be time to pause, mourn and pray for the souls lost. I didn’t really think it appropriate of our government to announce two meeting of COBRA headed by Mrs May. It is too alarmist though I will be extremely grateful if I learn that a London terrorist cell has been arrested.

I was thinking a lot about the privacy laws and the demands on the government’s part to invade our private emails and telephone calls. But, quite frankly, they’ve always done it. Nothing put out into the ether is private. If it is privacy you want, don’t go sending nude pictures of yourself to random strangers. The sexting is the least of our concerns after Paris. If the spooks listening-in can battle ISIS, then please do go ahead ladies and gentlemen. We all have a duty of care to do battle with these demons of hatred and violence who want our civilisation torn-down.

President Assad should be horse-whipped for watching over the mass exodus of refugees from Syria. Putin should be slapped across Red Square with a peacock feather up his arse for colluding with Assad. Mr Cameron, well, whatever! A busted flush, as I suspect is Osborne. I think Mrs May should organise a putsch while the Camerons are on Mustique and Osborne is having his little bottom smacked by a shady lady in Shepherd’s Market.

But back to Paris. Mirth seems entirely misplaced when this tsunami of grief threatens to engulf the world. Interesting that none of the newspaper reports I read mentioned The Terror after the French Revolution erupted in 1789. Relatively few royals and aristocrats were sent to the guillotine though, inevitably, the rise and fall of Marie Antoinette – the hated Austrian Queen of France – continues to fascinate as does the fate of her trusted lady-in-waiting the Princess de Lamballe who was torn limb-from-limb by the mob and gutted like a fish.

It always amazes me to hear Paris called a romantic city. The cobbles are drenched in innocent blood. More than 200 years before the French Revolution, Dowager Queen Catherine de Medici and her mad son King Charles arranged an alliance between Princess Marguerite ‘Margot’ de Valois and the Prince of Navarre. The royal family were Catholic and Navarre a Protestant. The wedding brought every important Protestant prince and aristocrat to Paris and, of course, it was a trap luring them to their gruesome deaths.

After the wedding, ‘Madame Serpent’ used her dissembling tongue and, allegedly, her Italian poisoner Rugieri  to whip her son into a frenzy of religious ecstasy and agree to the massacre of every Protestant in Paris. This the Catholic faction achieved with ruthless efficiency on the stroke of midnight heralding St Bartholomew’s Day. This being Paris, long held scores between citizens were settled under the guise of the Protestant purge.

The waters of the Seine were said to have flowed red and the royal palace, The Louvre, stank like an abattoir as the bodies were thrown from windows down onto the flagstones. The bodies were piled-high in the corridors of the palace. There’s an excellent film, La Reine Margot, about the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre starring Isabelle Adjani as Margot and Virna Lisi as a chilling Catherine de Medici. It was a favourite film of Alexander McQueen’s.

The fact that, once again, Paris is the mies-en-scene for an atrocity comparable to the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre or the French Revolution shouldn’t really surprise. Cookie from T&A once told me that there was a theory that the French Revolution was a failed Illuminati experiment to impose the New World Order on Paris whereby church, state, monarchy and hierarchy would be torn down and replaced with anarchy and bloodshed.

But there is a difference between the horrors of Paris this week and the Paris of centuries ago. The St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre executed in one night. The French Revolution’s evil regime lasted a number of years and spread like poison gas throughout the country before sanity was regained under the Emperor Napoleon. The ISIS Massacre appears to have profound influence on world powers and is a domino effect of revenge and retribution after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks for that, Mr Bush and Mr Blair. When will they ever learn?

I feel in my bones that history will divide time between before the Paris Massacre and after. There seems to be an inevitability that we are indeed going to war with ISIS. But it is a much more dangerous combat because the enemy is now within.Chapeau again Tony Blair for mass immigration and opening a floodgate that would only end in bloodshed and tears.

I hear the SAS are on the streets of London prowling potential terrorist hot spots. Still, we must face facts and understand that knowledge is power. We must also keep buggering on and get on with our London lives without fear. ISIS wants you to cower but Britons never, never, never shall be slaves. The war against ISIS is real. It is up to all of us to take care of each other and our city but also to defend it with all the courage that I know we can muster. Until next time…