Transgender Agenda. November 2015.

Dear Rowley,

Today is the first day in two months that I have felt markedly better. I shall say no more and keep my fingers crossed. There are so many lovely parties this week and I would like to be at least 60% to enjoy them. I’m very much looking forward to Sam Loxton’s table at the annual SJC charity dinner at the RAC Club. I’m also looking forward to Clever Trevor’s drinks party at Pickett tomorrow.

Tonight I need my beauty sleep. The cough caused a blood vessel in my eye to burst so now I have half a white that is pure blood red up to the iris. It looks strangely sinister and frightens small children and their pets but I would rather it went before the party season really kicks-in.

Something else has made my blood boil this week and it is the insidious media lobby ‘promoting’ transsexuality. You think Sharia Law doesn’t exist in England? Well it does in the politically correct class. Now, I am no fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s a bit too pleased with himself and I don’t really want to hear anti-austerity rants from an actor paid millions per picture.

However, Mr Cumberbatch has been roundly condemned for his role in Zoolander 2: a skit on the fashion industry led by Ben Stiller as male model Derek Zoolander who is as dumb as a box of hair. Mr C plays ‘All’: the hot transgender model du jour. When asked if he had a willy, s/he moues and says ‘oops’ as if the question was utterly beyond the pale in our  modern age.

Growing-up gay in the 1970s, I have a lot of empathy for people who are marginalised, nay spat-upon and beaten, for being who they were born to be. So I have a lot of respect for women who want to be men and men who, in their heart of hearts, were born to be women. In my youth, the men tended to settle for being trannies with tennis ball tits, Nylon wigs, awful C&A dresses and make-up that would shame Coco the Clown.

Now we have ‘progressed’ into the 21st century, children pre-puberty are being encouraged to make decisions about surgically and chemically changing their sex. The statistics are all clear to see with requests for sex changes sky rocketing. I wonder how many of these children come to regret decisions made too young.

As you know, I am a huge fan of drag queens. I adore those funny girls who entertain in sequins, feather boas and rhinestone jewels. It is an old school art that goes back to the days of Ancient Greek theatre if not before. Not many drag queens want to be women or have surgery to become one. But they have personalities that embrace masculinity and femininity in equal measure and celebrate both.

But back to Mr Cumberbatch. What right do people have to demand that the role of ‘All’ be played by a transgender actor? Does that make women such as Sarah Bernhardt or Maxine Peake playing Hamlet wrong or that the black and white era actor who played Old Mother Riley was offensive. Mr Cumberbatch’s performance has been called as offensive as The Black and White Minstrels of my youth. Balderdash.

The transgender agenda is growing in force and anyone who dares to question it, or wonder who or whom is behind the propaganda, is shot down in PC flames. I think I told you in a previous letter that I met the famous April Ashley who was one of the first men in the public eye who had a sex change and lived her life as a glamorous female model. Miss Ashley was an inspiration because she was a pioneer. She didn’t judge anybody else. She was just being who she had to be. In this respect, Miss Ashley was not dissimilar to Quentin Crisp who is another hero of mine.

 I Am What I Am is one of my favourite anthems to living and letting live. It doesn’t presuppose that other people are going to like or approve of what you are but that is their prerogative. The thought police currently ramming the transgender agenda down our throats are no less than religious fanatics who are intolerant of any beliefs but their own. I am growing all the more intolerant of intolerance.

In other news, it looks like we are going to bomb Syria and repeat the same mistakes our successive governments have made and make the world a more dangerous, unstable place. I was heartbroken to see Brussels in lockdown anticipating a massacre similar to Paris. Thank God London is on high alert but we are not afraid to continue with our daily rounds. Apropos of this, I’m off to Henry Poole to get the new Archive Room in order for the opening party on December the 2nd.