Heads Together. April 2017.

Dear Rowley,

Do you think we’ve reached the tipping point with cookbooks? To quote Kath & Kim, we’ve had Nude Food, Crude Food and Rude Food. We’ve endured Helmsley sisters, Simply Allsopps, Deliciously Ellas and now (God forbid) the Midlife Diet to add to the Clean Diet, Mean Diet and Green Diet. Of course what it all boils down to is the same old nuts, kale, mackerel and birdseed that came in on the Arc: that and don’t be such a lardy load of greedy fat guzzlers.

Now H is around I am much more guns-ho about wielding the old Le Creuset every so often and throwing another slab of sirloin onto the grill. Hand on heart, I’d much rather devour a dozen oysters on a bed of shaved ice at J. Sheekey’s any day of the week but it is rather nice to cook again. That said, I think the last cookbook I bought was Mrs Beeton, darling. And don’t get me started on baking bores…

In other news, I have written endlessly that Mrs May should call an election and now she has. For all the opposition politicians calling foul because Mrs May has chosen to go to the people when the Labour party is an abject chaos I have one thing to say. Wouldn’t you? It seems incredible t0 me that ex-PM Tony Blair feels compelled to whip-up tactical voting amongst the Remainers. Hearing Mr Blair trying to manipulate the country to undermine Mrs May is like the gurgling of a U-bend as political credibility is flushed down the lavatory.

Still, we can’t be complacent. Much mischief will be made in the lead-up to the General Election not least from that gurning can of Irn Bru Nicola Sturgeon. I loved the photo op when the kittenish Sturgeon – who is let’s face it about as kittenish as Les Dawson – had her stocking feet tucked under a pencil skirt on a sofa in imitation of Mrs Thatcher. It was like watching John Prescott do a Betty Grable over-the-shoulder swimsuit shot.

I do believe Mrs May has the moxie to outwit the opposition from within and without her party. Panic over that Mr Osborne has decided to stand down and concentrate on his other more lucrative contracts. If I were Mrs May, I would be concerned to see Osborne at the helm of the Evening Standard: a tactical appointment if ever there was one on behalf of Mr Lebedev. If only Evelyn Waugh was alive to fictionalise it.

Now, what do we think about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s Heads Together campaign to promote awareness of mental health? Today they waved-off Heads Together runners in the London Marathon. Both Princes William and Harry have spoken movingly about the emotional maelstrom following their mother Diana, Princess of Wales’s death. The Duchess has spoken about post-natal anxiety.

So trust all the ghastly Wednesday Witch columnists in the tabloids and broadsheets making snide remarks about the Duchess living in palaces surrounded by servants and having no right to mental health issues. Well, anyone who has lived with mania and depression can tell you they have no respect of class, culture or circumstance. The removal of financial difficulties can of course ease depression but good God should’t the princes and the duchess deserve credit for highlighting an illness that is no less of a killer than cancer?

Despite the press needling Heads Together it has been made known that The Queen approves of her grandsons’ charitable activities. Good for Her Majesty taking care of the Windsor cubs. Inevitably Heads Together has brought back the spirit of the late Diana, Princess of Wales who made no secret that she suffered from crippling anxieties, bulimia and self-harming episodes as a young woman. I was a big fan of Diana not least for her work with HIV and AIDS and her candour about mental health. The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are continuing her legacy.

Well, what else is new on the Rialto? I’m off to New York for the first time in about a decade on Tuesday to interview David Yurman creative director Evan Yurman. I am so looking forward to New York and will hopefully catch-up with friends, see a bit of Broadway and revisit some old haunts in the West Village. I love New York if you have a purpose for being there and tonnes of friends to see. I never thought the Jewellery for Gentleman book would take me so far this year. Can I get an Amen in here?

It is miraculous to me that after some very lean years, life has suddenly gone from black and white to Glorious Technicolor. H has a lot to do with this breath of fresh air and renewed lust for life. I’ve also had something of an epiphany about putting work in its place. It’s not that I care less but rather that there is so much more to happiness to be found elsewhere. You can’t curl up with a career on a cold night as Bette Davis wisely said.