London Pride. June 2017.

Dear Rowley,

So, so very sad to see another trio of sad lunatics mount a fatal attack on my beautiful city. This time it was a van ploughing-up London Bridge before the killers  marauded around Borough Market with machetes murdering seven and wounding over fifty. This so shortly after a lone Jihadi scum blew-up children at a pop concert in Manchester.

Well, the policy of come one, come all, build mosques and welcome went well didn’t it? And what precisely have Allah’s soldiers achieved? Yup, heightened suspicion of all Muslims living in Britain and strengthened our resolve to rid the country of those who wish us great harm. I understand there are 3000 names on the blacklist of terror suspects and yet the liberal metropolitan elite bleat ‘Guantanamo’ if there’s a whisper about internment or extradition.

All you need to picture is your daughter or granddaughter dead with a body embedded by a nail bomb or you nearest and dearest bleeding to death in Borough Market to override PC and start fighting back rather than pre-empting. Within days of Britain declaring war on Nazi Germany, enemy aliens – including Sir Oswald and Lady Mosley – were imprisoned for the duration. I think the phrase better to be safe than sorry is salve to the conscience.

Whenever multiculturalism rears its head, I always argue that Britain and London in particular has been multicultural ever since the Romans invaded. We are remarkably welcoming and always have been. But we understandably feel the need to pull in the welcome mat when one particular radicalised arm of one particular religion hacks the heads off our soldiers in broad daylight and murders children at pop concerts.

I am with Queen Elizabeth I about not making windows into men’s souls. Religion is an entirely private matter and ┬áno one has a right to impose their own beliefs on another. It has always mystified me why a religion that despises everything the West stands for would choose to live in the West. How can this be? It would be rather like me choosing to live in a county where homosexuality is punishable by death and then complaining about it.

I think we can all agree that rather a lot of people think Britain is a super place to live. It wouldn’t be too much to ask of our security services to winnow out the ones who want to cut our heads off and blow us to smithereens. It is about time that whoever is in government isn’t afraid to stand-up for the citizens who love the UK and condemn the few who mean us harm.

Previous terror attacks on London have broken our hearts. Westminster Bridge and London Bridge have made us angry. I don’t think we are prepared to stand by any more and let innocents be slaughtered on home ground by enemy aliens. And yet could you imagine a British patriot entering a mosque wielding a machete and practising ‘eye for an eye’ justice. We don’t believe in murdering innocents indiscriminately to make a point.

Of course the irony is the people mown-down on London’s bridges might well have been Muslim. Much the same happened with that nutter nail bomber in the 1990s who blew-up the Admiral Duncan gay bar on Old Compton Street killing a pregnant bride, her husband-to-be and several other straight people having fun in a pink pub.

There is very little of Donald Trump’s bombast that resonates with me but when he called terrorists ‘losers’ I felt like applauding. By using the language of the playground, Trump brought terrorism down to the most basic truth that they will never win on earth or in whatever heaven they believe in.

I wonder whether the jihadis think that London will grind to a halt or cower in fear. Rest assured this will not be the case. Yes, yes we all know that another mad loon will strike again somewhere in London and that we might well be fleeing from a machete wielding c**** with a bomb strapped to his parka. Will that stop us on our daily and nightly round? Absolutely not.

So as per usual it is business as usual in London with an extra veneer of sadness and anger. Will it happen again? Doubtless another radical Muslim will think that taking down as many as he can and taking his own life will further the cause. It won’t. Will we hate Muslims as a result? No but we will consign the arseholes who kill our own to the cesspit of history.

I have always said that if you don’t agree with the people in power then don’t shout from the sidelines: become one. H has often said that I should start with Bloomsbury and make a difference as a council member. I haven’t taken this seriously until now when I feel so angry about what’s happening to my gorgeous city.

The joke has often been that I would stand as a member of the Peronist party for Camden. Well, now we’ve got a potential gay first minister in Ireland then I wonder whether there isn’t a place for a drunken slut with anger management issues joining Camden. Actually strike that. I am no longer drunken, a slut or angry. Has the time come for me to get political and start fighting for London? Can I count on your vote?