Poor Little Rich Boy. April 2018.

Dear Rowley,

Billionaire poor little rich boy Matthew Mellon’s death – possibly drug related – is suspicious. The man was born in a gilded cage and had in his final years turned $2 million dollars into over $1 billion trading on Ripple currency which is similar, I believe, to Bitcoin. Was the death suspicious? Hell yes. Not only do rich, glamorous people in the public eye have a habit of marrying their kind, they also have a propensity to die young. In Mellon’s case he was on the way to rehab in Mexico when he allegedly had a last lapse.

I met Mellon at Pitti Uomo when he was launching his Penny Loafer business Harry’s which he sold for a profit within years of founding the company. At the time he was married to Tamara ‘Jimmy Choo’ Mellon and I got the feeling he had launched the brand because he was bored. He was sinisterly handsome in the flesh and, I thought at the time, haunted.

The death of Matthew Mellon seems to confirm that the world is run by money. Bitcoin and Ripple are almost laughable because they technically do not exist outside the cyber sphere. It is as if the Illuminati or whatever they want to call themselves are laughing at the poor proles whose lives are spent chasing filthy lucre. I would say that the Illuminati is a cabal of people who inherited all the riches that the world had to offer. It is the people in the shadows who run the show. The wealthy in the public eye are so much pantomime.

I’m not in agreement that people in the pop music industry are part of the ruling class. Look at Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince. Their lives were chaos in latter years and all of them died in suspicious circumstances. Why? Because they were worth more to the money men and women dead than alive.

I don’t think politicians are a part of the ruling cabal. All those numpties who visit Davos once a year are being given something to do with themselves to keep them out of mischief. Of course politicians’ actions hurt the little people but they are not the concern of the people who run the show. What’s a few bodies to them when Theresa May and Donald Trump bomb Syria? The Illuminati have bigger fish to fry.

There are too many removals of people in the public eye to doubt that someone is pulling the puppet strings. How else does potentially the greatest US president John F. Kennedy end up being mown down in his prime. What about the murder of Martin Luther King and possibly Marilyn Monroe the 20th century’s most famous blonde?

I have a feeling that the Illuminati hide in the open air. The Information Age is simply there to occupy our time and keep our eyes away from what or whom is really ruling our lives. It perplexes me that superstars in the pop industry have become our golden calfs. We worship people such as Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna and Gaga who all dabble in satanic imagery. Madonna’s sacrilegious side is as well documented as her obsession with sex. At the Super Bowl – the largest TV audience worldwide out there – Madonna quite openly dressed as a Baphomet devil. Her entire set was filled with satanic imagery.

This too is pantomime as I believe is most organised religion. Religion keeps the masses in check. The dark side of religion has much the same effect. Are some people wicked? I suspect they are drawn to a dark side by people twitching the puppet strings. Money is the real God on earth even though we are shown time and time again that it is a false god.

It is as if the puppet masters are showing us that money rarely if ever buys happiness. I suspect it makes misery more comfortable but that’s another story. Look at Barbara Hutton the original poor little rich girl. She was worth $1 billion in today’s money by the time she was twenty-one. She died in her sixties with a net worth of $3,500 after being conned by the parasites that surrounded her. Where were Matthew Mellon’s friends and family one wonders?

I wonder if it is the Warren Buffets and Mark Zuckerbergs who are running the show. Anyone who can go from a dorm room idea at Harvard to a multi-billionaire has to be part of the club. They are also vulnerable being virtual billionaires. Zuckerberg’s fortune was seriously dented by the selling data scandal suggesting that the elders were firing a warning shot against his bows for getting too cocky.

One wonders how the young Illuminati and their playthings are chosen. A talent such as acting, beauty and an insatiable hunger for fame – what Gaga calls The Fame Monster – might qualify people for favour. I don’t happen to think it buys them into the club. Who the Illuminati are I do not know but I suspect they have no footprint in the fame game.

I loathe money. I need it but I loathe it. People like me would be quite contented to earn just enough to continue living a contented and fulfilled life doing what we like and loving who we like. We have no aspirations to achieve any kind of power over other people. Frankly, we’re not interested in other people over and above our friends and our family. We are no trouble even though I suspect the Illuminati have great fun throwing obstacles in our way. All we can do is KBO: keep buggering on.