The Face We Deserve. April 2018.

Dear Rowley,

I have always said that politics is the lowest rung on the show business ladder. I also think politics allows nonentities to think they rule the world while the rest of us get on living. Leave it to the Illuminati dears. If proof were needed that politics corrupts one only has to look at the gaunt, haggard Joker face that Tony Blair has earned himself for venal lies and false wars. The man looks like Edith Evans in her dotage.

I truly believe that power eats into people from the inside out. Blair is now a manic voice in the dark nay saying Brexit and trying to justify himself to God and the people even though Alistair Campbell said New Labour ‘didn’t do God’. Perhaps they wished they did now. If I were Blair, I would be asking forgiveness on this planet never mind following a Catholic future whereby you can do what you like as long as you confess.

I fear that Mrs May’s face makes her look older than HM The Queen so wrinkled and Zelda from Terahawks she appears these days. Today we learn Theresa is talking to that booby Donald Trump about bombing Syria. The last thing Britain needs is more colonial blood on its hands. When will we ever learn to quote Marlene? War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again.

I do not believe in holy or secular wars. The valid victims make up most of the body count and the people in charge of the bombs behave as if they are playing on an X-box. It isn’t real to them. It is all too real for the citizens of Syria whose lives are imperilled. Terrorists won’t take heed when a century of civilians are killed in an allied bomb attack. They believe in their cause and will die for it willingly. Why send British troops to do the same for wars they do not believe in?

Diplomacy and sanctions should be the obvious weapon for the US and UK to deploy on Syria and all the other countries we have fucked up with soldiers on the ground and bombs raining down from the skies. We should lead by example not go in for a tit for tat ‘you bomb I bomb harder’ approach.

But back to the uglifying of politicians who spend too much time in the Westminster bubble. Look at John Bercow now. He looks like a malevolent Mr Toad presiding over a chamber of fools.  Who elected this arch booby as the adjudicator of the House of Commons when he is so clearly partisan, self-important and bloated by power?

Bercow has a slut of a lying wife, far too much sway in Parliament and a face like a weary ninety-year old thanks to his endless pomposities and lies. For such a dreadful human being to be telling our ruling class how to behave is little short of a scandal. Even Hattie Harman would be preferable.

I was raised as a Conservative. I no longer have that loyalty ever since Mr Cameron was elected. Actually, it might have gone further back to that grey underpants non-event Sir John Major. I was one of Maggie’s children and remember the 1980s as a golden era for Britain. Obviously it wasn’t all plain sailing but you did think buying a house was within reach and that leaving your estate to the next generation untaxed was a reality.

We are in one hell of a political pickle right now. Corbyn is clearly an anti-semite. This I cann0t understand. Where did the hatred of the Jews come from? I love the Jews and defy all the stereotypes. Any nonsense about the world being ruled by a Jewish cabal was soundly routed when Hitler successfully wiped-out generations of Jewish people in the name of a white supreme race. If the Jews were so powerful then why did they not squash Nazism like a fly?

Corbyn is something of a holy fool like the Nun of Kent. His predictions of bad news being just around the corner of Brexit are proving to be false prophecies. His hatred of the Jewish race is inexplicable. His support for terrorist groups is obscene. I only wish for a stronger leader than Mrs May to smoke him out like a badger and whack him over the head with a spade.

Arguably the worst example of power corrupting is Vince Cable as the leader of the venal Liberal Democrat party. The wizened old goat resembles nothing more than Yoda from Star Wars without the wisdom. The man is mendacity incarnate. It makes my blood boil that he is even given air time so succinct a failure he and that ghastly Clegg – or is Sir Nick Clegg – have proved to be.

Since when did we all win a prize for failure? The honours system is completely devalued apart from HM The Queen’s Royal Victorian Order for services to the monarchy. Who wants to be a Dame or a Sir when Floella Benjamin sits in the House of Lords? I remember her from Playschool but perhaps there is some poetic justice in a children’s entertainer now sitting in ermine in her pomp. What’s through the round window? Not constitutional reform that will abolish the House of Lords once and for all.

Politics are so divisive and yet I fear many of us have given-up on the ruling class and decided to do an ostrich and bury our collective heads in the sand. I cannot listen to the Today programme any more for fear of hurling my Roberts Radio out of the window of Bloomsbury Towers. It is stuff and nonsense. Where is the voice of common sense? Not in the Lords or the Commons that’s for sure. Until next time…