I Do. I Do. May 2018.

Dear Rowley,

Not minutes after the erstwhile Ms Meghan Markle walked alone up the aisle of St George’s Chapel, Windsor, do we have carping about the absolutely gorgeous wedding gown Givenchy’s Claire Waight Keller designed for marrying Harry.

Channel 9 fashion pundit Alison Langdon saw similarities between the Givenchy gown and one designed by Uffe Frack for Princess Mary of Denmark in 2004. There’s only on thing wrong with that sentence: everything. What precisely is Channel 9, who pulled Ms Langdon’s chain, has anyone but his mother heard of Uffe Frack and were over a billion people glued to the wedding of Princess Mary of Denmark in 2004?

True the dresses bore a similarity with the three-quarter sleeves and the bateau neckline. Both ladies wore a tiara and a long veil. But that’s like comparing a donkey cart and a Lamborghini because they both have wheels. Actually, Princess Mary’s ivory duchess satin wedding dress was a beauty. Like the rest of us, I’m only sorry I missed it.

I have only one thing to say to Ms Langdon: orf with her head. The dress Waight Keller made for Ms Markle – now the Duchess of Sussex – was a pure white symphony of double-bonded silk with an underskirt of triple silk organza. The veil was five metres long and embroidered with the symbols of all the fifty-three countries of the Commonwealth which should have pleased HM The Queen immensely.

I was not aware of the existence of Queen Mary’s Bandeau tiara which confirms suspicions that HM’s personal jewel collection appears to be a bottomless well. The piece in question comprises a brooch given to The Queen’s grandmother on her wedding day in 1893 re-set as the focal point in a filigree tiara set in 1932. I have not seen a picture of HM wearing Queen Mary’s Bandeau but it was a smart choice for the Duchess.

Cartier had a good day with the Duchess of Sussex wearing a bracelet and earrings set by the royal family’s favourite Parisian jewel house. Ms Landon also had a pop at the Duchess of Cambridge’s cream Alexander McQueen suit if you please saying she’d seen it twice before and why did she not splash out on a new outfit for her brother-in-law’s wedding.

The answer is, of course, that the Duchess of Cambridge has class. She was drawing attention away from herself and allowing the Duchess of Sussex to shine. That’s the mark of a royal duchess. Speaking of royal duchesses, the Duchess of Cornwall is looking increasingly Romanov with that coat-dress and Philip Treacy cartwheel hat silhouette she has now perfected.

Wasn’t it a touch sad that the Duchess of York arrived at St George’s Chapel alone and sat with a companion at a distance from her husband and daughters. Then again, the Duchess of York looked infinitely younger and more perky than the two poor ugly sisters the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

If there was ever a mission for new Vogue editor Edward Enninful it would be to take Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie in hand and save them from themselves style wise. Beatrice looked like the Singing Nun with a wimple effect flat hat and Eugenie’s pillbox was more Jackie Oh No She Better Don’t (salve RuPaul).

I wish we had seen more of the minor royals for fashion commentary of the day. I always like to see Lady Sarah Chatto dressed in her best 1947 Dior couture silhouette perfected by Jasper Conran with a flying saucer hat. She and the Countess of Wessex always win the style stakes for me.

All-in-all I thoroughly enjoyed the formal day dress on show at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The men in their morning coats looked particularly splendid which begs the question why George Clooney wore a lounge suit while his wife Amal stole the show in Coleman’s Mustard yellow Stella McCartney with a mother-of-the-bride hat. And Victoria Beckham stood out never cracking a smile for the entire service silly old cow.

We’d all love to know who from the 600 has been invited to the 200-capacity reception dinner and ball at Frogmore House hosted by Prince Charles. I presume all the Royal Family bar the Duchess of York poor dear. She’s increasingly like her doppelgänger in The Windsors.

So here’s to the new Duchess of Sussex. I think she executed her duties today beautifully and modestly. Thanks to her for showing us yet another dazzling tiara in HM’s private collection and for choosing such a modest, pure line designed by the first female creative director of Givenchy. Waight Keller has big shoes to fill in John Galliano and Alexander McQueen who preceded her.

I did call it incorrectly when I said Prince Harry would wear morning tails but didn’t he and Prince William look handsome in the frock coat uniforms of the Blues & Royals tailored by Dege & Skinner on Savile Row?

All-in-all, if the marriage is as much of a success as the wedding then Meghan and Harry will do the country proud. God bless them and all who sail with them. Until next time…